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Počinjemo 4. septembra 2024.


Interaktivni kursevi za sve koji žele da krenu od nule ili nauče više o japanskom jeziku.


Japanski književni razgovori – online diskusije o savremenim japanskim piscima.


Kurs japanske kulture prilagođen početnicima. Idealna priprema za put u Japan.

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Ivan MilosevicIvan Milosevic
18:10 29 Dec 23
The professor is excellent. Teaching is interactive and interesting. A lot can be remembered during the lesson, and live conversation helps a lot in the speed of the learning process
Dusica GajicDusica Gajic
13:19 27 Dec 23
In short, everything in its place. Sensei is available for any questions outside of class. The classes are organized so that the language is learned in an interesting way by permeating the history and culture of Japan. My current knowledge of the Japanese language, after 2 courses, allows me to write, understand shorter texts and communicate on a basic level, which was unimaginable to me before. It helped me when I was in Japan. As I expanded my knowledge, I also expanded my interest in further study, both of language and tradition.
Nikola UnkovicNikola Unkovic
12:42 27 Dec 23
The Japanese language course with Maria is one of the most beautiful experiences I had in 2023. I've been thinking about starting to learn this language for a long time, both for personal and professional reasons, and have extensively researched the possibilities of private lessons. Now, after completing two levels, I can say with certainty that the Tagai and Marija schools were definitely the right choice. The pleasant atmosphere of the classroom, great students, socializing, Maria's commitment, patience and pedagogical approach, along with countless interesting things from Japanese culture in every class, are in many ways to make the Japanese language closer and to learn it quickly and easily. I really learned a lot and I can't wait to continue socializing and improving the Japanese language in 2024.
Anja JokićAnja Jokić
18:34 26 Dec 23
I started this course with the goal of mastering Japanese letters. I spent a lot of time trying to remember the characters myself and write them correctly, but I knew I needed additional support and explanations.I am satisfied with the result of joint work and pace, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is comfortable with an excellent combination of friendly and professional atmosphere.Various workshops, get-togethers and associations did their part and, I believe, brought all the participants closer to Japanese culture.🌸
Aleksandar MarkovicAleksandar Markovic
18:05 26 Dec 23
I recently had the pleasure of completing a Japanese language course that exceeded all my expectations, leaving me with not only a strong foundation in the language but also a deep appreciation of Japanese culture. Maria is an exceptional lecturer and provided an impressive and engaging experience that made the learning process not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable.
Marija MitrovićMarija Mitrović
10:27 26 Dec 23
Sensei Marija is, first of all, an amazing person and also a lecturer. I don't remember any dry steamy, let alone boring washing. A woman who strives to the core to bring closer and beautify the image of Japan, its culture, language and people. A very approachable, optimistic, interesting and energetic person full of love for what she does, and she doesn't skimp on that love and is very happy to share it with others 🥰Anyone who wants to try their hand at a trip to learn about the charms of a geographically distant but close to the heart country, this course is definitely a hit 🥰🌸P. S. My personal impression is that the participants of this course are not just groups of people with a common interest, but one wonderful diverse family that is progressing together in the realization of their dreams 🌸
Dusan DjokicDusan Djokic
12:37 06 Aug 22
Intro course was spot on, learning Katakana and Hiragana while learning about Japanese culture was great! The tempo is perfect for a busy schedule.
Marija PavkovMarija Pavkov
09:53 30 Jul 22
Great teacher, had a fun time learning the language. Tea ceremony was a nice touch 😀